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"Do I have a cavity? - I can't tell I need to get a closer look - TOO CLOSE!" Husky inspection

Training any dachshund involves quite a lot of patience, determination and consistency. Whilst every dachshund owner has their own unique method for training their hound, we have scoured the net to share with you some inside tips and tricks for schooling your sausage. Dachshunds like many other breeds, are most likely [...]

Jack: nothing interesting to say other than i was looking up cute pics of puppies and found this one ;)

Infographic: Which Human Foods Are OK for Dogs, and Which Aren't

How many times have you asked yourself, "Is it okay for my dog to eat that?" We all know the truly deadly things, such as Sorbitol, chocolate, and grapes. But there are many other foods that. . .Read More »

Miniture Dachshund Puppy..when my kids are older & I get the baby itch..this is what I want (in black). LOL