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Recycle coffee can into shopping bag holder - I've been waiting for a great idea for my bags! Too bad we have a Keurig.maybe someone will give me their old coffee can!

Grocery Bag Dispenser

Save The Environment By Saving Your Bags In This Neat Grocery Bag Holder

Re-use plastic bottle tops to tightly seal food bags. Cut off wide-mouth plastic bottle top just at crest. save the cap. slip over bag opening. top toward the open end. Fold bag over bottle mouth. cap with re-used bottle top. easy to seal and pour!

4 Ways To Transform A Mason Jar Lid

Turn Mason Jar Lids Into Household Heroes With These Hacks

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Ideas About DIY Life Hacks & Crafts 2017 / 2018 4 Ways To Transform A Mason Jar Lid -Read More -

Create Light Shapes With A DIY Bokeh Filter

Create Shapes From Light With This DIY Bokeh Camera Filter

DIY Fruit Kegs

DIY Fruit Kegs

4 Easy-To-Make Candles For Any Occasion

4 Easy-To-Make Candles For Any Occasion

DIY Magnetic Goo

This DIY Magnetic Goo Will Blow Your Mind

DIY Magnetic Goo-- woah it legit looks like it's venom (spidey) or something