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Karaoke singer, elite athlete, class clown, pit musician, stand-up comic, amateur, a "natural" or superstar. Whatever your stage, own it.

Checking off a "to-do" list is often as important as actualizing a dream. Never discount achievements.

Accidental discoveries are often deemed to be happenstance, fate, luck or karma. What if you are the one who truly creates your reality?

We are all granted blessings daily. Make a special point to acknowledge 3 of today's blessings that inspire your life.

Life will continue to offer opportunities with alternative consequences. Follow your own moral compass.

Take INSPIRED action toward your tiny or grand goal today + the next 2 days. On Day define how you FEEL about your goal. Regroup as necessary, Repeat.

We all naturally excel in music, math, nature, people, spacial, interpersonal, self or body awareness. Embrace your special kind of smart.

Get off the fence. Be resolute. Your heart already knows the answer.

Unwavering. Ceaseless. Adamant. When it's time to take a stand, make a change or reach a goal, be as determined as a toddler.

Elongating yourself to move beyond your comfort zone, whether by choice or by circumstance, will guarantee growth. Choose to stretch.

The highest form of self care is autonomy. Choose (the only "permission" you need) to live your unique life on your terms. Live happy.

April 1 has become known for absurdity, pranks, craziness and good fun. Planning some foolishness today?

Our world is full of countless circumstances lacking benevolence. Gifts of tenderness, comfort and kindness matter.

Not a mammal on this planet grows, develops or functions well without physical touch.

There's a fair amount of learning involved to be competent in any endeavor. Now that you have some proficiency, use it for what's next!

Today is a new start. What dream have you always wanted to begin? You know the direction. Make one tiny movement that way before you go to sleep tonight.

There are times when a work-around is the wisest choice.

As a host or a performer, hold the attention of your guests by keeping the feeling you want them to experience as your primary focus.

Pets, hearts, accident victims, the enslaved, Honor the heroes who move who or what is threatened or oppressed to a place of safety.

Take a stand. Make a statement. Be the difference. Your unused genius rips off the rest of us. Create an impact today.