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Know the natural home remedies for arthritis in hands, which are available in your very own kitchen. These home remedies are highly effective in improving the symptoms of arthritis of hands thereby improving a person's quality of life.

Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body: 2 glasses in a.m. activates organs; 1 glass before shower helps prevent high blood pressure; 1 glass before bed helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. #EatInGoodHealth!

from Dr. Axe

Cayenne Pepper Benefits Your Gut, Heart & Beyond

15 cayenne pepper benefits - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

Carrots. Known to have tons of Vitamin A, they’re common when it comes to improving VISION & eye issues. This vitamin & antioxidants helps uplift the appearance of skin, providing protection against SUN DAMAGE. Every bite helps remove PLAQUE off teeth & stimulates gums to produce more saliva helping to ALKALINE your system. Its high content of carotenoids helps lower the risk for HEART ATTACKS & abnormal cells of LEUKEMIA. Falcarinol the natural pesticide, helps treat & prevent CANCER.

9 Feel-Good Uses for Epsom Salts. I have long known the effectiveness of Epsom salt baths for relaxation. It is good to know the other things that it is good for.

Simple Tips on How to Improve Blood Circulation on Legs, Hands and Head Naturally for Overall Health. Good blood circulation promotes healthier skin, helps increase cell growth, proper movement of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, improves oxygen supply and helps keep our immune system to stay healthy.


20 Effective Home Remedies For Knee Joint Pain

Knee pain can strike suddenly or may creep up silently. No matter how one gets it, knee pain can become worse pretty quickly. No longer an ailment that inflicts only the old, knee pain today has become common for people of all ages. We have listed few home remedies for knee joint pain that can give you relief from the pain. #HomeRemedies