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One Way and Another: New Selected Essays by Adam Phillips - V 8 PHI

Haunted By The Life You Aren't Living? | Tapestry with Mary Hynes | CBC Radio Listen to the second half, featuring author Adam Phillips

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

Joyce Phillips was a source of inspiration for many. Customers would often say how she took such a warm and loving interest in them and that they felt she had the "best" book store on Cape Cod. She passed away in 2007 but her memory lives on in the hearts of her customers and the authors whose lives she touched. In fact, the book, Good Night Beach by local author Adam Gamble, is dedicated: "To the memory of Joyce Phillips, bookseller extraordinaire and founder of Books By The Sea, Cape Cod…


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Lee storm rider: bought at Pasadena rose bowl

The last of the Dashkin - Adam Phillips

The Lives We Didn’t Live

Adam Phillips’ Missing Out: perhaps understanding is one thing we can do with each other—something peculiarly bewitching or entrancing—but also something that can be limiting, regressive, more suited to our younger selves; that can indeed be our most culturally sanctioned defense against other kinds of experience—sexuality being the obvious case in point—that are not subject to understanding, or which understanding has nothing to do with, or is merely a distraction from.