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cyclic world,s and the eternal return | ... eternal return, the cycle of life and death, and harmony of opposites

unbearable lightness of being ; myth of eternal return

I have to talk about this quote. It's possibly one of the most beautiful and soul soothing things I've ever heard in my life. The reason death breaks us is because we are not destined for an end. But we are not destined for any kind of end. We are made of the stuff of eternity. The endings of books, movies, tv shows, friendships, activities, school, anything! We are aren't meant for it! We are made to continue on forever, living out eternity in glory and joy, and we are never meant for an…

I want to pace down open roads in the middle of the day. During the time the sun is still so high in the sky so I know I am not alone. I like to know that there is more out there than just me and you. Even the moon looks lonely sometimes when it’s surrounded by stars. I want to love someone and be loved in return but I only seem to find one or the other. One day I want to find both of them hidden between the sunrise and the sunset. And I hope it’s eternal. - A Story A Day

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No matter how much he puts me down or simply just cares about his own selfishness that he is blind to our needs, my dreams, being an adult with responsibilities, I must simply understand that need not get me down... samantha, u r worth so much more.....