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Cheddar Gorge, Somerset 'Its cliffs are taller than the Eiffel Courtiour, of the biggest limestone gorge in Britain. 'Formed thousands of years ago as the ice age ended and melt water carved its way through the rocks, the cliffs of Cheddar Gorge are honeycombed with fabulous caves and grottos,' he points out. Peregrine falcons haunt the sheer cliffs and wild sheep roam the grassy slopes. Rare plants thrive here to, most famously the Cheddar Pink, which grows nowhere else in Britain.

from BBC News

'Moonbow' photographed over Yorkshire

A rare lunar rainbow - or moonbow - has been photographed in the skies over Yorkshire

Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse (Pterocles exustus). They are found in sparse, bushy, arid land which is common in central and northern Africa, and southern Asia. Though they live in hot, arid climates, they are highly reliant on water

from Mail Online

Up close and personal: Amazing new pictures of the 'devil beetle' (and be warned, its relative is terrorising America)

Satanic insects: A Longhorned beetle from the Dominican Republic peers into the camera lens

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I really like this tree trunk I've done close up of it too taken by ginge on the 22/9/2016 walsall cemetery

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