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Presente de Indicativo - Verbos regulares - Conjugation of Spanish Present Tense Regular Verbs (mexican mom says not to use vosotros)

How To Talk Spanish For Beginners

The difference between Spanish expressions: Conque, con que, con qué Resin this post for later!

Conjugating Verbs in Spanish. use a chart at second semester to combine all for incoming students and add irregular verbs covered on back of chart

Los adjetivos (Adjectives in Spanish)

Esp II. Saber vs. Conocer bubble map and practice

This bubble map is great to reinforce the differences between saber and conocer. I use it the same day that I give the notes on saber vs conocer to.

Today we focus on some tricky verbs: IR vs VENIR and LLEVAR vs TRAER. Have you ever had problems with those? http://ailmadrid.tumblr.com/