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How to make a rainbow loom single band

Loom band making on fingers - no problem. But If your little one has been baffled by the loom frame, here's a great step by step-. Much better than the useless instructions that come in the box!

A picture from Kefir:


Zip-Tie Leafy Earrings

Zip-Tie Leafy Earrings |

I think I'm in love with this shape from the Silhouette Online Store!

Spinach may Hold a Key to Convert Sunlight into Alternative Fuel Source

from TotalBeauty

Never Have Another Junk Food Craving. Ever.

If you crave...meat You need: healthy fats (and maybe a little meat). If you can't get enough Big Macs, Metsovas says you may have a deficiency in either B12, fat, or iron. Supplements can help, but Metsovas also recommends making sure you're getting fat in your diet from healthy sources like olive oil, coconut, avocado, nuts, and seeds (not bacon cheeseburgers). You can also boost your iron intake with lean red meat and dark leafy greens.

Pizza, fries, oh my! Satisfy those junk food cravings with a #vegan leafy green treat!

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19 Things America, Canada, And The U.K. Cannot Agree On

Chip flavors: