∆ Empath...Being an Empath | Openhand~An evolved Empath has the natural ability to connect on a Soul level, helping to release blocked energy with another. An Empath, if given, can also release coagulated energy within the field at large, discerning between what is benevolent and what is not...

The world needs more angel readers, life coaches, cupcake bakers and healers. Celebrate your destiny. Answer your soul's calling for your life. You are needed. #illuminatingsouls #lightworkers

Chakras: Defining the Energy body and how the chakras work, heal and restore. - The Awakened State. An introduction to Energy. Click to read more.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by other people’s feelings, their energy or your environment? If yes... Click to read this post to see how many of the Top 12 Traits of An Empath apply to you! >> http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/traits-of-an-empath/ #empath

After writing one of my more recent hubs titled "What is an Empath?", a question arose from one of my wonderful readers, that I would like to attempt to answer. The question was: "Where do empaths get their gifts?" This is a very good question...

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