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Botanicare Clearex Quart (12/Cs)

Clearex® is an isotonic drenching solution that unlocks the ionic bond between the nutrient and the soil or soilless grow substrate, correcting the problem of n

Botanicare Clearex, 1 Gallon

Botanicare Clearex stabilizes salt levels and gets rid of toxins that have built up within your growing media, giving a fresher, healthier environment for roots

Botanicare Clearex, 2.5 Gallons

Botanicare Clearex,is carefully designed to gently leach the excess salt deposit and nutrient residues within your growing media without harming the root system

Botanicare Clearex, 1 Quart

Botanicare Clearex, is a drenching solution that can reduce salt/toxin build-up and can also be used to trigger the last reproductive stages of a plant's cycle.

Botanicare Clearex, 5 Gallons

Botanicare Clearex,can enhance flavors and increase yields in fruits,vegetables and culinary herbs,thereby encouraging plants to process these excess nutrients.