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Botanicare Clearex Quart (12/Cs)

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from Rogue Hydro

Botanicare Clearex, 1 Quart

Botanicare Clearex, is a drenching solution that can reduce salt/toxin build-up and can also be used to trigger the last reproductive stages of a plant's cycle.

from Rogue Hydro

Botanicare Clearex, 1 Gallon

Botanicare Clearex stabilizes salt levels and gets rid of toxins that have built up within your growing media, giving a fresher, healthier environment for roots


Botanicare Clearex 5 Gallon

Clearex® is an isotonic drenching solution that unlocks the ionic bond between the nutrient and the soil or soilless grow substrate, correcting the problem of n

from Rogue Hydro

Botanicare Clearex, 2.5 Gallons

Botanicare Clearex,is carefully designed to gently leach the excess salt deposit and nutrient residues within your growing media without harming the root system