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Ghostbusters, Volume 1 by Erik Burnham

Ghost Busters - Ray by James Hance *

Relentlessly cheerful art by james hance — Latest Print - “Ray” (Ghostbusters) Up in the US.

stay puft marshmallow man

Ghostbusters: The Video Game wallpaper

Best movie ever

waiting for wednesday to (ghostbusters-ly) declare to all the trumpites "you just got HOLTZMANNED baby! blasted into oblivion by girl genius mega-guns!

Ghostbusters III poster B by fixer79 on DeviantArt

My second finished Ghostbusters III poster. Ghostbusters III poster B

Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann in Ghostbusters (2016)

Loved the Ghost Busters movie, Kate McKinnon as Gillian Holtzmann made it extra special!

The Real Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters Party, Classic Cartoons, Pop Culture, Cartoon

Ghostbusters #art #movies

final cover for ghostbusters (idw) ghostbusters final version

Ghostbusters 2016 reboot fanart- I rather enjoy both the movies

Ghostbusters - Holtzmann                                                                                                                                                                                 More

kaj-man: “ For Sketch Dailies and All the fearless women Holtzman from new “Ghostbusters” ”


Kate McKinnon and Sigourney Weaver On Set of Ghostbusters

Disney Concept Art to Brighten Your Day (O CORCUNDA DE NOTRE DAME )

Disney Concept Art to Brighten Your Day

Disney Concept Art to Brighten Your Day: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

StickerYou Online Sticker Startup Continues to Grow!

Who ya gonna call? ghost busters! I aint scared of no ghosts!

Ghostbusters is that movie everyone has seen. A classic! And, now i have the theme song stuck in my head! "There's something strange, in the neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?