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Hello! I am Briana Rodriguez from Philadelphia, PA. My major is Exercise Science. My favorite thing about ESU is how easy it is to meet new people. Everyone here is so friendly and outgoing! I have made the best of friends who helped me through my transition process as a transfer student. That alone made it an even greater experience. It will only get better from here!

Hi everyone! I am Brandon Younkin. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. My Major is History. At ESU, I am the IFC President and a Theta Chi Fraternity Exec. My favorite ESU experience was probably living in the dorms my first year. It was honestly the most fun I've ever had here next to becoming an active member of Greek Life.

I'm Siani Purdie, and I'm from Norristown, Pa. I am undeclared currently, but I am switching into Business Management. I am involved in and theSecretary of Voices of Triumph Gospel Choir. I love ESU because it’s like a huge family here. Everyone is very nice and easy to get along with. I love how ESU is small enough to see the same familiar faces but large enough to see new ones everyday !

Hi everyone! I'm Taylor Bensaia and I'm from Westchester, NY. I'm a senior majoring in Early childhood/special education. I am in the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. My favorite experience at ESU was getting involved and meeting people from all over and from different backgrounds while keeping my friendships from freshman year.

Hey everyone! I am Devonna Marshall. My hometown is Philadelphia, PA. My major is Psychology, B.S. I am involved with the Psych Association and I am a prospective Mu Sigma pledge. My absolute favorite thing about ESU is the atmosphere. ESU has become my second home because of the friends I've made and the experiences I've created here!

Hey guys! My name is Nathaniel Becker and I'm a sophomore from Reading, Pennsylvania. My major is Health and Physical Education. I am the Treasurer of the Health and Phys Ed club. I love the size of ESU's campus. It's small enough to know and see familiar faces, but big enough to meet new people everyday.

Hey Guys! My name is Shaq Roberts. Im from Philly! My major is Psychology/Social Work with a minor in Spanish. I like to be involved at ESU, so I am a part of the following organizations Psych Association, Active Minds, Independent Research group, Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity, and RHA Community Board! My favorite thing about ESU is the size of the school. There are enough students to see and meet new people everyday, but there are few of us to always see familiar faces!

Hi guys! I'mDrew Johnson. I'm from Lansdowne, Pa. My major is Communication Studies with a minor in Political Science. Fun facts about me are that I am (really tall), an Orientation Leader, Academic Affairs Chairman for Student Senate, & student rep for African American Heritage Month Committee. I love ESU because of how much opportunity there is here for Freshman. As long as you put yourself out there this university will help you grow as a leader and community member.