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A victorian couple giggling together after posing for a portrait. Gorgeous.

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Funny pictures about Victorian photo booth. Oh, and cool pics about Victorian photo booth. Also, Victorian photo booth photos.

Two Women Under a Tree    photo by Alice M. Boughton, ~ 1910

Two Women under a Tree. Photographer: Alice M. Boughton (Despite many claims that this is a postmortem photo, I firmly believe that both these women are alive. As far as my extensive research can corroborate, Boughton did not take postmortem.

In this image from 1839, the world’s first clear human photograph, Dutch chemist Robert Cornelius took a photograph of himself.

First Selfie ----Robert Cornelius, the original daguerreotype boyfriend. meandthemajor: 1839 self-portrait of Robert Cornelius, one of the first photographs of a human to be produced.

Date: February 1911. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina. Josie (6 years old), Bertha (6 years old), Sophie (10 years old), were all shuckers at the Maggioni Canning Co.

30 Shocking Photos Of Child Labor Between 1908 And 1916

Josie and Bertha, six years old, and Sophie all shucked oysters regularly at the Maggioni Canning Co. in Port Royal, South Carolina, Child labor laws were lax at that time. Photo by Lewis Hine.

A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale, Chicago, 1948.

So. Sad ~ A penniless mother hides her face in shame after putting her children up for sale. Chicago, My husband's late mother actually had this happen in the depression. She and her brother ended up in an orphanage. It is so sad!

The photo was taken in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts and shows eight-year-old Helen Keller hand in hand with her teacher Anne Sullivan. Both Keller and Sullivan indicated later in their journals that “doll” was the first word Helen Keller learned in sign language in March 1887

Rare photograph of Helen Keller and her Miracle Worker teacher is unearthed 120 years after it was taken

Researchers have uncovered a rare photograph of a young Helen Keller with her teacher Anne Sullivan, nearly 120 years after it was taken on Cape Cod. The photograph, shot in July 1888 in Brewster, shows an Helen sitting outside in a light-color

Simple but Cute!!

Simple but Cute!!