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морская пушка - Поиск в Google

морская пушка - Поиск в Google

Modular Tactical System: Wearable Computer for Combat

Modular Tactical System: Wearable Computer for Combat

(t) Black Diamond Advanced Technology - Modular Tactical System : Wearable Computer for Combat


Rappelling or abseiling gives you so many options. Seated descent, Australian running descent, sideways crab-crawl, and the Swan Dive (seen here).

Prototype of "Meron" assault rifle by Versia Military Design

Celox Rapid Blood Clot Gauze

Tactical Gear and Military Clothing News : Versia Military Design Future Assault Rifle

Benelli M4 Tactical.. LOVE!!

The proven reliability of Benelli shotguns makes them dependable centerpieces for home defense. See all semi-automatic and pump-action tactical shotguns now.

assault rifle concept

assault rifle concept is is another disp[lay that's says what ya you just kicked the wrong door in!

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Another Multi-cam job by Joint Force Enterprises. Not being a camo paint fan, I find this beautifully done.


British SAS - The true grandfathers of Black Ops. Training the worlds future Elite/SF, from years of experience. They wrote the book on Hostage Rescue! But don't forget the SBS, equally as good.

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Defense Marketing Group posted this sweet looking stick with some Fortis Manufacturing gear on it. Photo by Stickman.