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Burkina Faso - Materialities, Distinctiveness and Identity - Physical Adornment

Beautiful Himba woman from Angola. These women are so beautiful ,I was with them in Namibia , they cover their bodies in red clay as well as their hair .

Продолжая серию о красоте:)

Face Of Africa - Ethiopia - Omo.Valley - Mursi warrior - By Patrick de Wilde


simple interesting face paint we would wear for indoor setup. more posed portrait shots of individual and all of us

Omo Valley, Ethiopia (Different Beauty People)

c Dassanech girl with caps wig - Omorate Ethiopia. The Daasanach people collect the caps of the Coca and beers in the bars of Omorate and make wigs with them.from Eric Lafforgue's Flikr page


This young girl from the Hamer tribe in the south Omo region of Ethiopia had just gotten her face painted during a bull jumping ceremony.

Look at the beauty of this mans face and the kindness in his eyes. I heard the other day a well known local business woman was overheard saying they are only good as servants. SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

"Body Language: The Yogis of India and Nepal" at the Rubin Museum of Art. Striking color photographs by Thomas L. Kelly capture extraordinary-looking male sadhus (as well as a female sadhvi), famously known as ascetics and yogis of South Asia.