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Ruh Al-Alam has re-imagined and interpreted the French font Didot into Arabic. It is a stunning mix of elegance and purity.

Beautiful Arabic calligraphy - students can chose words they want to translate in arabic (e.g. hope, success, happiness etc.) and write them in calligraphy

Lettering craft 10

A lettering violine made by Alessio Joseph and some other fantastic inspirations featuring Sergei Shapiro, Jason Vandenberg, Diego Guevara and so on. These lettering artists are world famous and inspire us all the time again. We hope to inspire you with them. Image sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Source

Kon (‘Be’) Calligraphy in Kufic Script . The word Kon (Be!) is mentioned 11 times in the Quran, often (8 times) in the phrase: "Be and it will [be]", referring to Allah's power to bring anything into existence with a simple command.