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Memories - A Poem By Sunny Chopra

Memories of days gone by, carefree yet passionate. A nostalgia relived that glorifies the past. Time changes everything but memories.

What will you decide? #beinhealth

What will you decide?

русский фотограф - Катерина Плотникова

Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has taken a series of beautiful portraits with the help of real animals. There is no photo-editing software involved, just a group of professional animal trainers. The rest is all Plotnikova.

Fall Fashion, December

Spotlight from heaven.

So beautiful, the moon shining thru the clouds.Like it's heavens search light

Long distance relationship gifts

20+ Super Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Him under $20

When designer Christopher Rouleau moved to Toronto from a very polite Saskatchewan, he noticed that it "could be quite fast-paced, impersonal and, well, rude. He wants to change that; based on precedents from other cities including New York and Chicago, he has started the Etiquette Project, designing lovely little cards that you can print out and check off the offenses being committed by your fellow citizen, whether they are flossing their teeth on the subway or talking on their cellphone…

An Etiquette Guide For Urban Life

Urban Etiquette Project based in Toronto, but this is applicable everywhere.