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A "star belly" like my Beau

The Weimaraner is a dog that was originally bred for hunting in the early century. Early Weimaraners were used by royalty for hunting large game such as boar, bear, and deer. They are curious and high energy dogs. They need a lot of training and soci

Kids going back to school can be a really Woof time!

12 Phases of Going Back to School Starring the Family Dog

"Ya know that feeling that you've had too much coffee?" I've never had that feeling either, lol.

Weimaraner Guide. My Weimaraner is very well behaved but the health tips are always good.

Everybody in my family calls my Weimaraner stupid. there's no such thing as a stupid dog it's just their fault that it's stupid


Only a Weimaraner owner will understand this photo LOL hee her

"cute weimaraner" - Google Search

I don't have the names of my future kids picked out, but I do have a name for my future Weimaraner.