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: some are outraged by dog and horse meat yet cows, chickens, pigs, lambs and fish are excluded from our circle of compassion and empathy. please live vegan, it is a matter of life and death. Because cheeseburgers are delicious


Cute Animals and Baby Animal Pics - Cute n Tiny Baby penguin baby animals Lovely sheep family

The piggy is doing ballet!

Funny pictures about Pig in a tutu. Oh, and cool pics about Pig in a tutu. Also, Pig in a tutu.

if you could choose to live without harming others ... wouldn't you? shouldn't you? #vegan

Cow eyes are so full of expression, unfortunately too often that expression is sadness and fear.

The Horse Lifestyle

I want a donkey. They're very social animals, so probably two donkeys and a bunch of goats. Imagine having a bad day and just go to your donkeys and hug them

Family photo -- they look more organized than *my* family!

trouvaillesdujour: A Day at a Farm with Rob MacInnis-,cows pose for a family photo

The mule is just so perky looking, so happy looking, like he or she is saying "Hi!  What's going on in your day!  I'm REALLY interested!"

Happy Birthday to You! Cute little puppy sings his very own funny version of the funny Happy Birthday to You song, just for you! For more Funny Birthday Son.

Sweethearts! just look at the love on their faces

Funny pictures about A true friendship. Oh, and cool pics about A true friendship. Also, A true friendship.


Funny pictures about Fawns. Oh, and cool pics about Fawns. Also, Fawns photos.

I saw the video on this, and this piglet was born with the heart shaped spot, it's a female and was born in england. The farmer was trying to give her to a good home. She's so cute...

Valentine’s Day, here is a pig with heart shaped.so pretty, but I don't know about hearts on pigs!

Miniature Jersy

Jersey Miniature cattle - I want to have an entire miniature farm!