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SM Entertainment and Kris Enter Mediation

Chen - EXO

Chen ☆ you remind me of Tadashi from Big Hero 6 (*~*) ommo

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I just love the fact everyone thinks he's cold-city-man but he's actually dumb af


This guy is an Angel❤️❤️❤️

We always knew there was something... Gosh you break my heart wufan

This is how Kris is feeling right now, remembering all the times he had with the rest of EXO. Do u fucking see what u SM people do to ur idols? Fuck u all and hope u SM people can go and die in a hole.


Dude just smile for me plz.ur beauty us mesmerising


That smile tho.a smile amazing enough to kill anyone

Kris (blue eyes)

Kris, from Exo-M Boy band; he and Kim JaeJoong with blond hair look like Usui Takumi, from Maid-Sama!

Kris:) It still hasn't really hit me that he's left. When I show someone a video or picture of Exo and they ask how many members there are, I always say 12. And then I have to correct myself and..man it hurts. But dont get me wrong, I'm happy for him:)Oh gosh, I should stop now. I apologize. Oh yeah, Lay photo bombing. That's golden.

ℓoey찬 on

I cant help but miss you I miss you so much T^T wherever you are right now, i hope that you'll stay strong my galaxy oppa :''')