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Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART

The horses are required to move through this water to get to their food. This practice ensures hoofs stay moist. It is not like the wet/dry conditions we put up with - that is lengthy periods in mud and lengthy periods in dry, rock hard pastures ---- My gelding would starve to death. He's terrified of water haha!

SmartSicles for giving horses electrolytes. Gotta remember this for next summer.. probably wont be worrying about the heat much longer. :(

Patience pole! I need to figure out all the parts we need to assemble the swivel hub on the top. I like this to tie way better than a hitching rail or cross ties.

The Yearly Cost of Keeping a Horse - | Estimating the average cost of horse ownership can be tricky. Use this chart to create your own budget. #horses #horseownership #budget

Keep track of your horse's distinguishing characteristics and all emergency information in this one-page form.