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"Showing Kpop to a non kpopper LOL" that is totally me CX Zico & Jaehyo face lol (Block B) ♡

Normal ppl vs. Kpop fan: What they think about. Haha, and then there are those of us who think of both at once :)

KPOP Fan: What they think about. ♡ Of course I am talking about Kpop's Big Bang! I can't stress enough how much I fucking hate the big bang theory!

Honestly though, I ever had a test on bts it would be the easiest thing ever (Favorite Meme)

So true, I can't stop sing and think of my favorites songs in my mind when I had a test ^^.

Ugh all the time... Just like V... just gotta blow them bubbles.

I'll be looking at Colleges and then I'd get distracted with bubbles or play doh XD I'm mentally stuck at five.

Scene from : Oh my Venus ...... I totally loves that drama....made me cry in few scenes........

Scene from : Oh my Venus . I totally loves that drama.made me cry in few scenes.

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So true and funny meme about doing homework and getting distracted by Kpop- so relatable!