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PINK HOYA (Wax Flower) - 1) A perennial with a wide variety of leaves, flowers and textures; see link for care on the different varieties 2) Blooms early to mid-summer 3) Fragrant blossoms 4) Attracts birds & bees 5) Can be grown both indoors or outdoors

Pussy Willow by InAwofGod'sCreation: Salix discolor (American willow) is a species of willow native to North America, one of two species commonly called pussy willow. #Pussy_Willow #Catkins

Snowdrop by Ettruck Sonntag - first sign of spring

Jade Plant by Nancy Chow: Mature, healthy specimens of Crassula argentea flower with small but lovely blossoms when daylight is shortest. Here are some helpful hints to encourage blooming. homeguides.sfgate... #Jade_Flower #How_to_Flower #Photography #Macro

Fuzzy Monkey Face Orchid by Columbus GV Team: Taken on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador in June 2008. #ColumbusGVTeam #Ecuador #Monkey_Face_Orchid

Strophanthus preussii [Corkscrew Flower, Poison Arrow Vine, Spider Tresses, Tassel Vine] Apocynaceae