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A child receives a vision test at the Wilkerson Pediatric Clinic. It’s important for parents to schedule school and sports physicals soon for their children to avoid the late August rush at the Kenner Army Health Clinic.

Sherry Thompson, pharmacy technician, pulls medication out of the storage area of the Womack Army Medical Center pharmacy at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Staff Sgt. Michael Sapp, of Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center's Preventive Medicine staff, demonstrates how to use the metabolic testing station at Fort Meade's new Army Wellness Center. (Photo by Noah Scialom)

At 9 a.m., July 27, Marge Bessler, an athletic trainer in the Physical Therapy Clinic, engages Kelly McGalliard in various quad strengthening exercises during her physical therapy appointment. Here, the Soldier uses an inflated physio ball to strengthen her leg. McGalliard is one of many active duty Soldiers attempting to recover from a sustained injury. (Photo by Marlon J. Martin, McDonald Army Health Center, Fort Eustis, Va.)

KACH Leadership (R to L) 1st Sgt. Karen Moody, Lt. Col. Andrew Lankowicz, Col. Felicia Pehrson, Lt. Col. Lloynetta Artis, and Lt. Col. Travis Richardson, pose for the camera, 3 p.m., July 27. (Photo by Britney Walker)

Sgt. Jacqueline M. Lopez, the supply noncommissioned officer for the Operating Room and Central Material Service department, places a set of wrapped instruments into the sterrad machine to be sterilized, July 27. (Photo by Marlon J. Martin, McDonald Army Health Center, Fort Eustis, Va.)

A mother holds her new baby with Lt. Tho Ie, RN, on the Womack Army Medical Center mother/baby unit at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Sgt. Ninamarie N. Cruz, Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD), uses the Health Center’s Sensaphone to gauge temperature levels of all refrigerators and freezers storing Temperature Sensitive Medical Products. At 3 a.m., Cruz makes her final check before annotating the temperature into the AOD logbook. (Photo courtesy of McDonald Army Health Center, Fort Eustis, Va.)