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"Periodismo salvaje" buscaran tu odio empleando la violencia. Después.. Sonreirán. Son sicarios con cámara. Podemos

The Pool | News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the…

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Inspirational quotes

So true and v sad More

MLK I'm sure is rolling over in his grave at the antics of obama and today's politics. He had a dream. We have a nightmare.

josh thomas on male suicide this is why men need feminism, not "men's rights" - because all the prejudice men face comes from misogyny, not misandry. (as an example, if someone wants to insult a man, they call him "girly" or "pussy" - anything to make him seem like a woman) hope that makes sense lmao

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Monday Money Quote: Environment vs Economy

If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

well, they ALL clapped...and I have never felt more joy. cheers to life, hard…

from The Telegraph

Salma Hayek shares her experiences of 'sexist, ignorant' Hollywood

It's even worse than this for women of colour - did you know that only 1% of actresses in Hollywood are Asian?