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I got one of these when I turned 18.

Men won't respect you any more for covering up or being classy. He either respects all women or he doesn't. Womanhood is not binary.

I know this looks a lot like a man's room, but I want it. The dark colors, leather couch, and hints of blue. It's amazing.

Do it for yourself, no one else. Don't do it for revenge, attention, or to prove to others you can. Do it to make yourself happy and healthy!

I love this spot color for yellow because even though the picture of the boy is sad and kinda almost disturbing the flower make it seem insightful . As well as how we can tell that the picture is representing to like not focus on the bad but on the good no matter what .

....and brainwashed from their earliest years into believing the "New World Order" (Socialism) is the way to live and nonsense such as man-made global change is real.....and they won't question it until something can break through that shell of brainwashing....so sad.... :-(

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