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Be good, just live your life without any fear. Take chances and enjoy each and every phase of life. Read this beautiful message here As soon as you die, your identity becomes a "Body". People Don't Even call you by your Name.

Edward Boches pointed me in the direction of this thought-provoking article by John Tierney on “decision fatigue”. Decision fatigue happens when ordinary people are asked to make decision after decision after decision. Such processes run down the mental batteries that power our self-control. Eventua

Decision Fatigue leads to acting impulsively or by opting to do nothing

Alan Watts Quote

One of the most beautiful and life-changing things to ever read: The great Alan Watts, who would’ve been 99 today, on self-consciousness and the secret.

Người đưa ra lời khuyên tuyệt vời nhất thường là người trải đời nhất.

I give passionate advice on things I've mistakenly done and don't want others to repeat.

Do your part

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save mother earth

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