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"El primer punto a resolver es acercarse, involucrarse con cualquier manifestación artística, ir a las exposiciones, al teatro y conciertos" Sergio Pérez Corella, en nuestra sección Perfiles, edición de marzo 2016, Torreón.

I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast

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Blast from the past (23)

This is the recorder Peter always kept by his side in the movie. It represents his past, and how he always carries it everywhere with him, whether it be physically when he listens to the music, or symbolically when his actions are influenced by his childhood.

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Can You Guess The Correct Disney Movie Based On Its Opening Line?

We bet you can't identify the Disney film based on its opening line!

Kageyama & Hinata : magical duo

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It's all about perspective!

But sometimes you should maybe flee the area before letting go

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You Are Just My Type Frameable Illustration Print by Buck and Libby

I ❤️ Kawaii

Rugby Girl, oh and can i grt one for hockey too please

With every new level you reach you will need to grow change and adapt. Regardless of where you are in life there will always be new challenges and new things to figure out. Whether you're a waitress who's waiting for her big break or an A-list Hollywood actress on the red carpet. Whether you're an entrepreneur who's just starting out or just sold your company for millions. Whether you're a college athlete or a NFL player with a Nike endorsement. Challenges make life interesting. Overcoming…

Roger Federer #Rolex #Icons #RolexOfficial When you're good at something... make that everything.