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This is my tumblr! Nice to meet you all! My tumblr consists of AOTA, LOK, Avengers, DW, Percy jackson and the Heroes of Olympus, rent, les miserables, other broadway shows and musicals, and my favorite...HARRY POTTER!!

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A Tour of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando

I gaze up at the portraits above me, searching for a specific one. Some of the people tried to talk to me, while others turned their heads and talked to their neighbors. Finally I spotted it: my great grandpa, who had once been head boy at this school and achieved great status in the wizarding world. I tried calling his name, but it was no use. I had to talk to him, but he was too high... I hear footsteps behind me and whirl around. (Open rp with Charlotte)

THIS IS SO TRUE! Hermonie is always put off as not being one of the bravest characters in Harry Potter and as just being smart but really she did one of the hardest things in the books-sacrificing her old life and parents to do something bigger that she knew was for the whole world.