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Beautiful irregularly shaped pearls in oyster. One of the reasons pearls are so unique compared to stone gems, they form so differently and uniquely from one another, like snowflakes and humans.

Mother of pearl! Nature's Beauty (not a gemstone but suits this category well enough)

Seashell Vintage neo retro animals sea drawing por SoulArtCorner

Vintage Ernst Haeckel Seashell Series Sepia Tint Plate 2 Natural History Art Print 8 x 10


Beautiful Blue Linckia Sea Star, Siesta Key, FL A place we had planned to go!

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Sea shells and chunks of coral are no stranger to Hapuna Beach on the Big Island.He shows his love in nature.

Sea Urchin

Fill a glass canister with green sea urchins for a unique beach display. Create a colorful beach still life by filling one canister with green, another with pink and a third with purple, in varied canister Collections

Wood Snails How beautiful are these? Love the #colour, the #texture and the fact that they are made of wood. Wow!

Emerald green snails or Manus Island tree snails. Endangered because of the demand for jewelry making and shell collectors.

❥ pink pearl in seashell

A pearl is made form a grain of sand that got into an animals body. it is a foreign entity that causes pain. the animal, though in pain, will turn this invader into a beautiful, valuble gift. from such pain can come such beauty.

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Beautiful Turquoise Shell-I have a few of these, partially dipped in silver.

Macaw Feathers by B.K. Dewey, via Flickr

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Polymitas snails of Cuba. This unique tree snail is only found on the easternmost province of Oriente on the island of Cuba. So rare it is now considered endangered.

Beautiful shells ;)

Assortment of sea shells. These shells are formed by molluscs for protection. The starfish at upper right is the exception, being an echinoderm.