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or am i the only one?

Inspired by a post by Mary second rule?

I'm the Grandma and I don't understand all of the "Diabetes" language... but my Daughter and Grandson surely do!

Tehehe my sister pointed this out the other day! said listening to my husband and I talk about our sons needles and units of insulin and cards was like listening to a different language lol

Battery Button from Zazzle.com

How do you inspire yourself to have a positive, even humor-filled, attitude about life with diabetes?


The one where Ross is Fine ll top 25 FRIENDS episodes (x) Ross: Ahh, love… l-o-v-e. ‘L’ is for life, and what is life without love? Rachel: Oh my god, are we supposed to answer? Ross: 'O’.

old strips,yes this is exactly what my daughters looks like!!

When my daughter, Kirstin, opens her bag her old chemstrips fall out everywhere.I learned today that she is not as unusual as I thought.