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Unbelievably tasty and very simple recipe that turns those ordinary brussels sprouts you hated as a child into something you and your family will love. Note: I use a 50 minute sous vide cook tim...

140°F chicken? This is madness! Juicy, juicy madness… Heston Blumenthal’s 140°F sous vide chicken was high on my “sous vide must be magic” list. Now, I know it’s safe – the USDA says that Chicken is safe to eat after 15 minutes at 140°F, and with a sous vide water bath, I can keep it …

From "Kickstarted", the first documentary project about crowdfunding, comes "Funded in 60 Seconds." This is a special series of crowdfunding tips, insights, and best practices, all delivered in under a minute! Our first episode features Lisa Fetterman of #Nomiku. The Nomiku is an immersion circulator that brings the magic of sous vide into your home to create amazing dishes ranging perfect fish, onsen eggs, and juicy steaks.

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Saffron Cream Sauce works magic on black cod

Thermomix can even function as a water bath to gently and evenly cook meats, fish and vegetables to a perfect degree of doneness and an amazing texture.