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Adrian - Possible look for street urchins in the  1800s.

Little children hopelessly enslaved to the insatiable appetites of sexually mature human males.


In Horace Warner took photos of East End street kids, who he called 'Spitalfields nippers'. Here's a selection of the rare ones that have survived to this day Credit: Horace Warner/The Religious Society of Friends in Britain

Washing Day, Spitalfields by Horace Warner via Spitalfields Life

For 100 years, they stayed hidden in family albums. Now amateur photographer Horace Warner’s intimate portraits of London’s poorest children are being printed for the first time, giving a glimpse into a forgotten world

Victorian workhouses | Children in the Workhouse : Boys, 1909. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

"Sherlock Holmes used a rabble of "dirty and ragged little street-Arabs" for his unofficial information and errand force, the Baker Street Irregulars." - (HHH -- “Street Arabs” (the Victorian Term Used for Homeless/Poor London Children) Spitalfields

Chimney Sweep Children...they were hired to clean chimneys because of their small size.

they were hired to clean chimneys because of their small size if you couldn't afford a chimney sweep you would use a live goose.