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Tribal design I did bah by pucksgryn.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This old tribal design is one of my favs even though it still needs some adjustments. Tribal design I did bah

Celtic knot star

Four Point knot. Symbolizes four directions/journey. or Four seasons/eternity. Inner wrist/forearm - Right Celtic Knots: Tribal Snowflake Tattoo by KiaayoTotem on deviantART

image (284×480)

Stencil floral flourish 6 garden flower, image is approx. x 7 inches for signs crafts wall linen burlap decoration stenciling

This is a perfect damask motif in stencil format! Love it! I made it into a vector! Go here to download it vector in Illustrator .ai format or .svg format! I uploaded it to this filesharing site. L...

Pefect Stencil Damask

Stencil-ready Damask Motif to share - IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES - I found this damask pattern in the wild, snapped it with my cell phone, converted it into a vector file in Illustrator, and now I share it with you!

Celtic Owl and a representation to the writer of the blog that she has owl as her guardian.  In Hawaii, pueo/owl are often 'aumakua - ancestors who guard, protect, advise, and who have taken the form of pueo.

Celtic Owl

Owls are the symbol for wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge. Owl energy symbolises mystery, transition, intelligence and protection