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Different Types of Falcons Wallpaper

4+ Types of Falcons Species with Pictures

The Peregrine is one of the few Birds of Prey that prefer to catch and kill prey mid-air - a unique tomial tooth on its beak allows it to kill prey instantly. Despite its size, the Peregrine can reach speeds up to 200 mph when diving for prey.

As well as the birds of prey that breed here, New Zealand is also visited by vagrant birds of prey from overseas. Description from wingspan.co.nz. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Wingspan National Bird of Prey Centre. This page: New Zealand Native Birds of Prey - NZ Falcon, Swamp Harrier, Morepork, Barn Owl, plus extinct and vagrant NZ birds of prey.

Snowy Owl - Bird of Prey

Snowy Owls live in the Arctic tundra of North America, Europe & Asia. It is one of the largest owl species and the heaviest.

Star Trek Romulan Bird Of Prey

- Star Trek Romulan Bird Of Prey - free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, pictures, images.

▼Dinah & Barbara in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #4➸☀● ▼«ℬirds øf ℙrey»

▼Dinah & Barbara in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey ▼«ℬirds øf ℙrey

Bird Of Prey attacking Enterprise -- taken with a camera with a preternaturally fast shutter and a lens with just the required amount of flare.

Star Trek Bird Of Prey Attacks Enterprise Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper.