Trees of the Dead

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Home sweet home

Gate Entry, The Enchanted Wood photo via sandie .I left the gate open, c'mon over!

I would love to walk through an old Cemetery like this.

This is a cemetery that feels more like a neighborhood street, with large monuments to the dead and dearly loved.

"Why are we here? Graveyards are creepy..." "Don't be scared. Just hold your breath as we go past and the spirits won't know we're here."

Cemetery in Hungary. This is the way I think all cemeteries look. Foggy and Shadowy

he was buried in an old cemetery, one that was abandoned and beautiful, she stood there once, in a bright yellow sundress, the first one in years that had never seen blood. she could not bring herself to wearing black, that was a color for death, not goodbye and forgiveness

sunbeams sunrays through trees on cemetery tombstones graveyard, sunrise sunset

The Dexter Mausoleum located in section 20 of Spring Grove Cemetery is a private, family mausoleum, often mistaken for one of Spring Grove's three chapels. Dexter was a English immigrant - a "whiskey baron." His mausoleum was intended to resemble a Gothic Revival "funerary monument." Designed in 1869, it boasts the only two symmetrical buttresses in Cincinnati. It is registered as a historical landmark.

The Dexter Mausoleum located in section 20 of Spring Grove Cemetery ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

Graveyard. (Horrific Finds, Facebook)

Looking up at the lonely abandoned grave . Tree featured behind - alone but never lonely.

Fantasy terrain by Tabletop World (14th September 2013: Blacksmith’s Forge released) - Forum - DakkaDakka | Play like you've got a pair of Dakkas.

Graveyard/cemetery from Tabletop World. Could use in a Halloween set.