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I once looked after two of these moths since they were caterpillars. these great creatures are proof not all moths are gross

Elephant Hawk Moth, so named because of the caterpillar stage in which it seems to have an elephants trunk.

Muslin Moth, Diaphora mendica  http://www.suffolkmoths.org.uk/cgi-bin/mos/account.cgi?code=2063

Muslin Moth, Diaphora mendica / I love this moth! I would love to make a pet out of it!

WOW! Amazing Elephant Hawk moth! from the UK

Elephant Hawk Moth

elephant hawk moth this is that butterfly exactly I've seen (never seen here before) - papillon (jamais vu auparavant par ici et pourtant pas si rare apparemment : le sphynx de la vigne)


moths- Peridrome orbicularis and Euplocia membliaria females (Noctuidae: Aganainae)


Eudocima salaminia (Noctuidae: Catocalinae) - Malaysia by yakovlev.

Peach blossom Moth

peach blossom moth the most beautiful creature i have ever seen.

Leopard Moth

Giant Leopard Moth or Eyed Tiger Moth (Hypercompe scribonia). They are nocturnal. I think it also likes my Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia).

Tiger moth

Tiger Moth (arctiidae) by Hesperia ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l" board…

Beautiful Moth

Beautiful Moth Appears to have been designed during the Art Nouveau period ~