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Union; 164th New York Volunteers , Corcoran's Irish Legion, Drummer, 1864 by Don Troiani. Note the green tassel on the fez.

Union; 5th New York Veteran Volunteer Zouaves 1864. Unlike the original 5th NYV , they wore light blue jackets. By Don Troiani

How to find your family's first American using Naturalization records. Links to: 1.Search guide: Travel and immigration records 2. Passenger list search tips. 3. Naturalization petitions search tips. 4. Passport application search tips. 5. A brief history of US immigration policy.

Samoa Bundt Cake

Tis the season! Samoa Bundt Cake is back. Quite possibly the greatest dessert recipe in the history of the universe. Chocolate and Brown sugar swirl cake topped with caramel frosting, toasted coconut and chocolate ganache. Not healthy, but totally worth every bite!

Union; 79th New York (Cameron Highlanders) 1861 by Don Troiani. Part of the regiment wore Highland trews at First Bull Run. As the 79th New York Volunteers they served until 1864 but were uniformed as standard Federal infantry.