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My Ancient Rome Art Project with a Year 6/7 Class. Colour in a face portrait of a Roman Emperor. Use crepe paper in balls to create 3D-effect on face. Create a Roman mosaic in the background using 2-3 colours of craft paper. The display turns out beautifully with so many colours... lightens up the whole classroom!

buttons, beads, shells, broken plated, then salt dough clay. just cover the pebble in it then push in the decorations

Sea Shell Ornaments We are forever collecting sea shells and little trinkets.. combine that with my love for buttons and we have a lot of decorative craft material. When it comes to sea shells I am always on the look…

Creative DIY Tips for Decorating Your Stairs

I'm about to embark on something like this at home... (though my staircase is not nearly so fancy!)

Winter Sky Mosaics (ARTventurous)

This was a fun art project my Grade 1 class did with their Grade 7 buddies. The idea for this project came photos uploaded on Pinterest, This project was completed over a couple of days.Day 1: We di More