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"I've destroyed worlds for you, why would I stop now? Now, when you're so close to the end?" | The Deceiver - the fallen god of discord and lies

Portrait Photography by Marta Syrko

Gwen at the edge of the precipice (literally thousands of feet high) It all seemed so real, which it was, but I was always two steps away, watching.

You wanna know how my mother would try to get away with doing this? She'd say, "I didn't stab you... I was busy cutting string." & I'd say, "well, that explains why there's a string attached to the knife." & she say "how could you see me that way?" & I'd say, "cause, in case you forgot, I wasn't born blind." & then she'd laugh. Even though the joke is on her. cause she's the one in the deepest hell of all.

Available in the Putnam Museum Store: That's Not My Dinosaur... Every double page of this book features an interesting texture to feel, such as bumpy teeth or slippery flippers, as the reader explores the surface of a toy dinosaur. (Ages 2 & up)