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The Midnight Cat - black cat patiently waiting, listening in a green pasture under dark skies being filled with blue light by the full moon. This is Scooter :) I don't have any credit info on this :( if you have any, please leave a note in the comments. Thank you.

very grumpy and lonely. no mate or kits. flyingbirds sister Tanya. refused to come to nightclan so shes still a rouge. hates patchpelt because flyingbird would have stayed a rouge with Tanya if it wasn't for patchpelt! thought she would hate their kits too but when she meets willowpaw dapplepaw greypaw and dustpaw an unlikely bond is shred between the mangy old rouge and the four kits. when her rouge home is invaded she has to come to nightclan and finds she actually likes it

Seal Point Siamese Kitten- love the beautiful rose too!

D I Y W a t e r c o l o r P i l l o w s : What you'll need: - pillowcase - acrylic paint or fabric paint (not wat...

Male-Rrrrrrowww..... Hey sexy kitty you know you got me hooked on you like crrraazzy glue, Rrrriiigttt. Female- Of course I do, but you better remember who's number 1 on this set ya feel me.

A house tree climber full of Maine Coon Cats Kittens - soft, long haired and extremely sweet AND intelligent cats - the only feline breed that originates in the United States. - DdO:)

Close up portrait of a gray striped young mouser stalking YOU it seems. A cute kitty cat picture where the animal is perfectly still - but it's almost an action shot as you can feel the kitten about to attack! - DdO:) - - (photo credit unknown; goes to facebook for BEAUTIFUL CATS & KITTENS.