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Highness Again Highness Calcium Tin Can- Size: 72*52*150mmH. Recycle tin plate material. Practical one.http://www.tinpak.us/product/

The size of this Christmas decorative tin is 125x83x82mmH (4.9x3.3x3.3"), its height can be easily modified based on your requirement. Hinge on the lid is optional for the embossement. Lock and key make this tin special, like a treasure tin. Click this link can get more surprise. http://www.tinpak.us/Products/embossedcandytincanwithlock.html

This postcard tin box can hold 12PCS postcards. http://www.tinpak.us/Rectangular/emptyplainpostcardtinboxes.html

Custom printed rectangle tin boxes are suitable for candies, biscuits, chocolates or more packaging. http://www.tinpak.us/RectangularTins.shtml

This Halloween bucket tin is indeed a celebration of Halloween! http://www.tinpak.us/Halloween/HappyHalloweenTinBuckets.html

The rectangular lip gloss tin box comes with 2-pc structure. http://www.tinpak.us/Products/EmptyRectangleLipGlossTinBox.html

Airtight sqaure tin cans for candy storage. http://www.tinpak.us/SquareTinBoxes.shtml

This heart shaped biscuit tin box with slip lid can be printed your desired design. http://www.tinpak.us/Products/heartshapedmetalbiscuittinbox.html

Unique custom tins are designed for T-shirt packaging become more and more popular. This custom tin is made of up 0.23MM tinplate. It's in cola shaped. More details at http://www.tinpak.us/Products/customprintedTshirttin.htm

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