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“Sandra” by Laura Zalenga

“Sandra” by Laura Zalenga

Tom Hardy: Wuthering Heights With Charlotte Riley --- Don't talk to me right now I'm heartbroken. <3

Tom Hardy: 70 Things You NEED To Know

My movie favorite version of Wuthering Heights: Tom Hardy: Charlotte Riley --- Don't talk to me right now I'm heartbroken.

Kate Bush, promotional photo for "Wuthering Heights", 1978.

Photos of Kate Bush (by Unknown) [More Kate Bush, Music, Black and White, and Vintage on Rhade-Zapan]

Lunaesque Creative Photography - Wuthering Heights

lunaesquephotography: “ darkbeautymag: “ Photographer: Carri Angel - Lunaesque Creative Photography ” One of our images from the ‘Wuthering Heights’ set has been featured today by ‘Dark Beauty’.

In the dark of the night...

Felicity Jones, Catherine Morland - Northanger Abbey directed by Jon Jones (TV Movie,

LotR Shoot - New Zealand (Tongoriro - Mordor, Iwikau - Ithilien, Kaitoke National Park - Rivendell) April 2013 You need not ask permission to use our stock (for non-commercial use), but please cred...

Get the witch!" The villagers chased me up the Misty mountain. They believed I was a witch due to my power, my power to control fire. (Open RP, people, no fandoms and I need one other witch and some normal ones)