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Morning Reads: Louisiana Shootings, Taking a Stand on Campaign Finance, Jeb's Gaffe | BillMoyers.com

[Inequality] Four-Minute Video Explains America’s Opportunity Gap (With Legos!

When Native Americans Choose To Open The First Marijuana Resort, The Government Did This...

Obama’s New Agenda Gives Hope to Native Youth. The day-to-day challenges facing American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) youth as well as the consequences of failed policies and underinvestment in their communities.

Nelson Mandela on Overcoming Hatred | News & Notes, What Matters Today | BillMoyers.com

In a 1991 interview, Nelson Mandela, who passed away on Thursday, talks to Bill about how he overcame hatred during his 27 years in a South African prison.

Democracy still exists in the US from a technical standpoint. But in practice, the wealthy and the ruling elite use corporate mass media to embed a specific worldview in voters.

Democracy still exists in the US from a technical standpoint. But in practice, the wealthy and the ruling elite use corporate mass media to embed a specific worldview in voters, writes Mark Karlin.

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CommonDreams - Vermont House Passes GE Food Labeling Bill - 11 May 2013

Sandra Steingraber's War on Toxic Trespassers | Moyers & Company | BillMoyers.com

Sandra Steingraber’s War on Toxic Trespassers April 2013 Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber joins Bill to talk about the need to build awareness about toxins that contaminate our air, water and food — and threaten our children’s health.

Robert Reich: 3 Good Reasons You Should Mock Right-wing Economists | Alternet

Robert Reich: 4 Reasons the Wall Street Journal's Attack on Bernie Sanders Is Absurd "The Journal’s numbers [are] entirely bogus, designed to frighten the public," argues the former secretary of labor.

For the past quarter-century I’ve offered in articles, books, and lectures an explanation for why average working people in advanced nations like the United States have failed to gain ground and are under increasing economic stress: Put simply, globalization and technological change have made most of us less competitive. The tasks we used to do can now be done more cheaply by lower-paid workers abroad or by computer-driven machines.

Inequality is primarily due to the power of moneyed interests shaping the underlying rules of the market, This includes wages, benefits, social support networks, housing and health. Few of them see their wealth as negatively affecting anyone.

New York Fast Food Workers' Fight For $15 Is Ready To Be Served Fresh

New York Fast Food Workers’ Fight For $15 Is Ready To Be Served Fresh

The movement toward a living wage is quickly gaining public sympathy and support.

Elizabeth Warren: Hillary Clinton Sold Out To Wall Street - Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton Still true.

State Fines Duke Energy $25 Million For Coal Waste, Still Doesn’t Require Cleanup - A hand covered with wet coal ash from the Dan River spill in February.

Tons Of Coal Ash Spill From Plant Into North Carolina River. Image: Amy Adams, North Carolina campaign coordinator with Appalachian Voices, shows her hand covered with wet coal ash

Bill Moyers interviews Richard Wolff - YouTube

Richard Wolff's smart, blunt talk about the crisis of capitalism on his first Moyers & Company appearance was so compelling and provocative, we asked him to .

Citing Soaring Student Debt, Sanders to Pitch Tuition-Free Higher Education