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A Catte; hand embroidered by Mary Queen of Scots while she was under house arrest at Shrewsbury. The supposed allusion is that she is the mouse and Elizabeth I is the cat. c. 1570.

How might your ancestors have dressed in the 1850s? #genealogy #familytree #clothing

Mary Quant - Mary Quant was influenced by Chelsea beatniks and dance outfits she remembered from childhood. Famed for popularising, if not inventing, the mini skirt, her clothes were made up of simple shapes combined with strong colours.

Early 10th C. Found in North Yorkshire England. Gold arm-ring of thick, narrow strip with punched decoration and tapering ends which have been drawn into wires and loosely twisted twice round each other. The decoration consists basically of two rows of punched, apex-to-apex V-shapes with the arms reminiscent of rabbits' ears in shape and expanded at the junction, each pair enclosing small, single and mostly ...

The Biggest Mistake in Reading Old Handwriting – and How to Avoid It

Reading old handwriting can be tricky. Here's how to avoid the most common mistake so you can better understand what that record says.

Heart-shaped gold and enamelled pendant, c. 1650, containing a miniature of Charles I, a lock of his hair and a part of the blood-stained linen shirt he wore at his execution

Statue of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was a prisoner at Chatsworth, Tutbury and other Shrewsbury houses.