Explore Fort Knox Kentucky, Louisville Kentucky, and more!

I was born in Fort Knox, KY and lived there all of a couple of weeks.

In 1974 I went to Basic Combat Training at Fort Knox Kentucky a acre Army Post. The largest and oldest in the country. Armor got its beginning at Fort Knox. It is 35 miles from Louisville and near Elizebethtown

Fort Stewart, yet to visit our son serving in the military there! want to go!

Army-Fort Stewart Georgia Meeting my Husband here is the only memory I like to keep from this place.

Thunder over Louisville, the kickoff to the Derby festivities three Saturdays before the race. Have always loved the bridge "waterfall" with the fireworks covering one of our bridges.  It is a full 30 min show with an air show during the daytime.  Each year is different with new performances and our annual favorites. Love the fireworks being shot off with music blaring from the sound system all around and each year the "theme" is different.  It truly is worth a trip to "the Ville."

Thunder over Louisville. Sure has changed since the first one I attended, which was the first Thunder held at the old Redbirds Stadium after a Redbirds baseball game. Wonder if they dreamed that it would become the event that it is now?