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Boy Meets World. CORY AND TOPANGA ARE BACK! Everybody get ready to meet their baby on GIRL MEETS WORLD!

When we were two, we were best friends. I mean, I knew everything about this girl. I knew her favorite color, her favorite food. Then we became six, Eric made fun of me because it wasn’t cool to have a best friend that was a girl .

Sand & Glass

Sabrina the teenage witch taught me everything to know about life.

The snail behind the coat hanger appears in every episode of Blue's Clues. They do the EXACT same thing with Adventure Time.

13 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed From Your Childhood

Here's a collection of secrets hidden in your favorite childhood TV shows. Chances are the child-version of you missed them the first.

Updated tv show reunions

Boy Meets World, Full House, Home Improvement, Married with Children, Saved by the Bell & That Show

If Disney Villains Had Won...I think Ursula upsets me the most...or Gaston.

What would had happened if the Disney villains had won. Its weird to see pictures of Belle and Gaston's boys if beast had been slayed. C-C-C-Creepy. But I don't think Belle ever would have married Gaston, no matter what the circumstances were.