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Chris Brown’s New Neighbor Threatens To Shoot Him

Idris Elba- Sir if you keep looking at me like that, we are going to have problems!!!

from the Guardian

Young Lives project studies causes and effects of childhood poverty

Chavales no se lo contéis a nadie que voy a dormir. #Buenasnoches gente.

Amazing drawing xx I love little mix so much wish I could meet them to tell them that they are really talented xx

Animals Who Know How To Read -- Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

Dean Winchester.....Teaching kids how to knee a deserving bully in the jewels, one city at a time. <3

Our Westie does this looking out window pose many times a day.

Break up friendships and marriages....mind your own business people and let other people live their own lives

how's it going w/ you guys ?? i wrote about 3,000 words yesterday for this story that ive only just begun !! if you want to read it ill probs post a link on this board when the whole thing is done !! xx in other news ive been guiltily watching gossip girl and let me tell you that show is GREAT xx