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Lee took part in gaming research for Saros, and recommends the experience to his friends

Nick from London joined a focus group for online finances. He felt the researchers were really interested in what he had to say, he enjoyed his day and recommends registering with Saros.

Grant from Edinburgh had a telephone interview regarding health insurance services. He highly recommends anyone who has the opportunity to take part in research with Saros do so, he says it was very professional from start to finish.

Ade took part in a breakfast snack research group for Saros. He enjoyed his snack research and got to sample the product, the group engaged well with each other and he recommends Saros to his friends.

Steve attended a research project about voting. He found the experience to be very user friendly and the interviewer was friendly and helpful, he would recommend it to others.

Steven attended a focus group about house insurance. He tells us about the easy to understand process of taking part and how he recommends Saros to his friends.

Lynne did some healthcare research for Saros. She found her experience easy and enjoyable, the researcher put her at ease and she would love to do it again, she has recommended Saros research to her friends and family.

Tom tested a brand new virtual reality head set. He loves playing video games and got paid to test a VR headset which isn't yet on the market, he thoroughly recommends that everyone should do it.

Orlymar took part in face to face research to test a website for insurance services. She felt really relaxed and comfortable and she has recommended all of her friends and family to take part in research for Saros.

Josh joined in with a small focus group on international rail travel.He managed to fit the research around his schedule, he says it's good fun and he recommends it to everyone.